LabWare’s Storage Location Manager provides a rich graphical interface that displays the selected storage location hierarchy. The interface provides a convenient way to visualize storage locations and to quickly identify available storage space at any level of the hierarchy tree. Various menu options enable authorized users to move specimens and/or containers and to manage each individual storage location within the biobank. LabWare storage locations can be structured, such as a 10 x 10 rack, or unstructured, such as a shelf, to adapt to any container type and storage requirement.

Specimens can be placed into storage locations by simply navigating to the appropriate node in the storage location hierarchy and using the “add object” function. Storage Location Manager also provides a powerful feature to identify free storage locations based on criteria supplied by the end-user. For example, at the user’s request, the system can perform an automated query to identify “free, contiguous storage space for 4 specimens requiring storage at -20 Degrees C”.

LabWare biorepository solution manages reserved locations, return due date & specimen expiry date, tracks freeze thaw counts, sample movement history, and the history of movements into and out of each individual storage location. Detailed reports are available to summarize this detail against user selected criteria including data range, storage location, and clinical study.