LabWare’s configurable workflow management tools provide capabilities to manage all aspects of biospecimen processing and quality control, including for example:
  • Aliquoting
  • Nucleic acid extraction and quality testing
  • Genotyping, gene expression, tissue microarrays, and sequencing
  • Cell line establishment and maintenance
  • Histology/Cytology testing
LabWare’s unique “folder” technology lies at the heart of workflow management. Folders provide a customer configurable way to select sub-sets of samples and create paperless work lists for preparation, testing, result entry, or result review and approval, pull lists, packing, distribution, or disposal. Folders may be set to dynamically refresh, always displaying updated and accurate information for optimized user interaction with the system.

LabWare’s plate management and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) modules work together seamlessly to streamline and automate the preparation and testing of multi-well plates for a variety of workflows (ELISA, DNA extraction, sequencing, etc.).

LabWare’s powerful Rules Manager enables the lab to create and manage conditional logic for flagging, alerts, reflexes, comments, auto verification, and reporting units.