Northwest Analytics

LabWare LIMS provides a seamless interface to Northwest Analytic's (NWA) Quality Analyst for Statistical Quality Control charting and trend analysis.

Folders within LabWare LIMS can be utilized to select the appropriate samples and results to chart.  Charts can also be automated and scheduled via LabWare LIMS - LIMS Basic.

Charts that are available include X-Bar, Range, X-Bar & Range, Standard Deviation, X-Bar & Standard Deviation, Individuals, Individuals & Range, Median & Individuals, Median, Median & Range, Exponential Weighted Moving Average (EWMA), Cumulative Sum (CUSUM), Histogram, Pareto and Attributes.

Once a chart has been displayed you are able to click on any of the data points in the graph to drill down and identify the result being graphed.  When a data point is selected, the sample and result information is displayed.

It is also possible to zoom in on sections or view the last "X" data points of the graph to assist you in identifying and studying developing trends.

Other options available are to save the current graph to a file, copy the current graph to the clipboard which can then be pasted into other applications (e.g. paste the graph into Microsoft Word to assist in developing Management Reports), export the data in the graph to a data file, print the graph, highlight a data point in the graph and omit it from the graph, identify violations in the graph and to configure the graph parameters such as the control / warning / inner limits and specifications, graph labels, symbols, etc.

Shown below is a LabWare LIMS Folder of sample results, where numerous graphs for pH results have been produced: